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The Priestess

The Herstory

I was born intuitive. For as long as I can remember I have pondered who I am and why I am on this earth. It was not until I became a Priestess that I could answer that question. The deeper I travel into my divinity the more mysterious and wildly beautiful life becomes. This is where I will document the journey of discovering and owning my purpose in the world. 

In Avalon on the Hill of Tor

The Woman

I am a mama of four. Two teens, and two tots so I mom super hard. I am the Founder and CEO of Beauty Alchemy, Inc. I literally make magick for a living. I love to drink coffee & write poetry. I have a gypsy soul &  travel the world as much as I can.  Dance naked under the moon after midnight. . I am obsessed with Queens. 

Sacred Goddess Retreat

The Path

My awakening happened 10 years ago at a Goddess retreat. The call to the work of the Womb Shaman came when I became initiated as a Red Drum Carrier in September of 2016. In November of 2016 I traveled to the lands of my blood with my mother and life finally began to make sense. All of the pain, the loss, the beauty, the pleasure, the whispers, the screams have all been leading me to right here, right now. To the Priestess Path.

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